Unmet Needs and Opportunities for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in the G5 Sahel Region

1st July 2019
Author: Rachel Cooper, Roz Price

This report provides an overview of potential opportunities and gaps in the G5 Sahel countries (Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, and Niger) in relation to the impacts of climate change. The report focuses on four main areas of interest, with additional sections giving a brief outline of the expected impacts of climate change in the Sahel and national policies related to climate change. The main sections are: ‘Low-carbon development trajectories and strategies’; ‘Adaptation and management’; ‘Climate change and migration’; and ‘Climate change and conflict’. The review is not exhaustive, but provides a summary of key literature, findings, and where appropriate, opportunities for engagement. This report is based on academic literature assessing potential adaption strategies, changes in migration patterns, and drivers of localised conflict; donor and international organisation literature detailing both donor strategies and programmes, and potential areas for engagement; and literature suggested by geographic and sectoral experts. There is a large body of work related to both agriculture and pastoralism in the G5 Sahel region including the impacts of climate change, and potential adaptation and management strategies. However, there is only a small body of work related to low-carbon development strategies for the countries included in this study.

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Suggested Citation

Cooper, R. & Price, R.A. (2019). Unmet needs and opportunities for climate change adaptation and mitigation in the G5 Sahel region. K4D Emerging Issues Report. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies.


1st July 2019


Continent: Africa

Country: Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania