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Social Protection Topic Guide

1st October 2019
Author: Becky Carter, Keetie Roelen, Sue Enfield, William Avis

This guide provides an overview of social protection concepts, approaches, issues, debates and evidence, and a selection of key references and signposting to further resources. It primarily focuses on longer-term developmental social protection rather than humanitarian responses, and on low-income countries, including in contexts of shocks, and draws on other income contexts where appropriate.

A web browsable version of the Social Protection Topic Guide is available on our partner website:

Please note: This guide is available to download as the full Topic Guide and as individual chapters.

Suggested Citation

Carter, B., Roelen, K., Enfield S. and Avis, W. (2019). Social Protection Topic Guide. Revised Edition. K4D Emerging Issues Report 18. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies


1st October 2019


Continent: Global