Private Sector markets for climate adaptation and resilience products and services

1st November 2020
Author: Sue Enfield

This rapid review draws from academic resources, resources from knowledge institutes, and grey literature which yields a balance of information on discussion of the climate adaptation market (policy issues, private sector providers, client needs) and some case study examples of particular products successfully developed and trialed. Detailed mapping of products and services that are currently available is greatest in the agriculture sector yet even here draws from just one limited six-country study. By mapping the existing landscape, to the extent that this has been possible, this review allows for informed decisions about how these markets can be developed further.

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Suggested Citation

Enfield, S. (2020). Private Sector markets for Climate Adaptation and Resilience products and services. K4D Helpdesk Report. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies.


1st November 2020


Continent: Global