Migration and the Risk of Violent Conflict and Instability

18th March 2020
Author: Asha Amirali

This helpdesk report reviews the evidence that migration (including internal migration and forced displacement) contributes to the risk of violent conflict and instability. This rapid review surveys a sample of the academic literature only and has not engaged policy literature except through academic references to it. The central finding of this review is that despite disciplinary differences of conceptual framing and method, the literature agrees that there is nothing inevitable about migration leading to conflict. Instead, it is the nature of socioeconomic and political conditions in receiving areas that determine the risk of political violence, not the fact of migration itself. Rural-urban migration and climate-induced migration are the two pathways to violent conflict considered in this report.

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Suggested Citation

Amirali, A. (2020). Migration and the risk of violent conflict and instability. K4D Helpdesk Report 769. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies


18th March 2020


Continent: Africa, Asia

Country: East Timor, Rwanda, Syria