Mapping Women’s Economic Exclusion in Tanzania

11th May 2018
Author: Idris Iffat

Tanzania is one of the best performing economies in East Africa in recent years, which is reflected in improved human development. However, inequalities – including gender inequalities – persist. This report maps evidence for economic exclusion of women in Tanzania. The main source of data used is the 2014 Integrated Labour Force Survey (ILFS), the most recent to be conducted. The review also draws on grey literature, notably reports by international development partners. The United Republic of Tanzania comprises Tanzania Mainland and the semi-autonomous area of Zanzibar: all the literature found related to Tanzania Mainland. Since this accounts for the overwhelming majority of the population, the data can be considered representative of the country.

Suggested Citation

Idris, I. (2018) Mapping Women’s Economic Exclusion in Tanzania. K4D Helpdesk Report. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies.


11th May 2018


Continent: Africa

Country: Tanzania