Malaria, HIV, and TB in Uganda: Epidemiology, Disease Control, and Interventions

1st February 2022
Author: Laura Bolton

This report analyses the evidence on epidemiology (including demographic and geographic inequalities) and disease control challenges of malaria, HIV and TB; and on the effectiveness of interventions aimed at preventing, detecting and treating these diseases in Uganda. The report includes the latest data from the World Health Observatory and draws on research published since 2016 identified in the top results of a rapid keyword search.

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Suggested Citation

Bolton, L. (2022). Malaria, HIV, and TB in Uganda: epidemiology, disease control, and intervention. K4D Helpdesk Report 1085. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies, DOI: 10.19088/K4D.2022.038


1st February 2022


Continent: Africa

Country: Uganda