Lessons from Post-war Reconstruction Programmes

20th May 2024
Author: Brigitte Rohwerder

This K4DD Rapid Evidence Review explores lessons learned from post-war reconstruction programs, focusing on case studies from Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Gaza Strip, with an emphasis on the Middle East and North Africa region.

It underscores the complexities of reconstruction, highlighting challenges such as political involvement, inadequate engagement with affected individuals, and insufficient international assistance. Key lessons include prioritising local involvement, building consensus on reconstruction priorities, ensuring transparency and accountability, and addressing underlying conflict causes.

The review stresses the importance of coordination, capacity-building, and long-term commitment in successful reconstruction efforts.

Suggested Citation

Rohwerder, B. (2024). Lessons from post-war reconstruction programmes. K4DD Rapid Evidence Review 18. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies. DOI 10.19088/K4DD.2024.013.


20th May 2024


Continent: Africa, Asia

Country: Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine