Learning with Small and Medium-Sized CSOs

15th February 2019
Author: Gioel Gioacchino

Small and medium-sized Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) are often in a privileged position to participate in a type of community development that is based on relationships and in tune with community needs. Yet, small and medium-sized CSOs in the Global South have traditionally been excluded from access to international resources, which are more likely to be captured by Northern or large, highly professionalised Southern CSOs. This is a missed opportunity: big donors could learn much from having a closer partnership with smaller local partners. Big donors interested in promoting the organisational capacity of such organisations might consider flexible, core funding, and the promotion of mutual learning.

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Suggested Citation

Gioacchino, G. (2019). Learning with Small and Medium sized CSOs. K4D Helpdesk Report. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies


15th February 2019


Continent: Global