Jobs in Kenya

14th March 2018
Author: Hannah Timmis

This report examines job opportunities in Kenya and challenges to their expansion. Job opportunities are measured on three levels: quantity, quality and inclusiveness. All three outcomes matter for a country’s development; “just having jobs is not enough” (World Bank, 2017). For individuals, the quantity, quality and inclusiveness of jobs determine living standards, since jobs are most people’s main source of income. For the economy, jobs outcomes contribute to inclusive economic growth by increasing the level, productivity and diversity of labour in production. For society, the generation of “good jobs” for a wide swath of citizens fosters social cohesion, while a lack of employment opportunities is a critical source of social unrest (World Bank, 2013: pp.8-14). Thus, the World Bank’s World Development Report on Jobs (2013: 2) argues that more, better and inclusive jobs are “the cornerstone of economic and social development”.

Suggested Citation

Timmis, H. (2018). Jobs in Kenya. K4D Helpdesk Report. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies.


14th March 2018


Continent: Africa

Country: Kenya