Internationalisation of Education: Focus on Central Asia and Eastern Neighbourhood

17th May 2024
Author: Huma Haider

This K4DD Rapid Evidence Review focuses on the internationalization of education, particularly in Central Asia and the Eastern Neighbourhood.

It examines how education influences development outcomes, emphasising higher education’s role in economic growth and human capital enhancement. The review highlights challenges in accessing quality education, especially in higher education, and addresses issues like social inequality and the exclusion of children with disabilities.

Strategies for internationalization, including English language instruction, are explored, alongside efforts to counter misinformation. Despite growth in mobility and transnational education, gaps in research persist, particularly regarding the benefits of internationalisation and the effectiveness of education interventions against misinformation.

Suggested Citation

Haider, H. (2024). Internationalisation of education: focus on Central Asia and Eastern Neighbourhood. K4DD Rapid Evidence Review 8. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies. DOI 10.19088/K4DD.2024.012


17th May 2024


Continent: Asia, Europe