Emission Reductions and Health Impacts of LEVs

15th July 2021
Author: William Avis

This rapid literature review summarises evidence on Emission reductions and health impacts of Low and Zero Emission Vehicles (LEVs and ZEVs). The review found a disparate but emerging evidence base derived from studies exploring the issue in a range of settings (predominantly high and middle income countries). The evidence base provides a mixed and complex picture given the heterogeneity of methodological approaches and contextual analyses to assessing reductions and health impacts. The report found a focus on carbon emission reduction and less evidence on other emissions. Given the above, evidence has been collected and presented in an annotated bibliography. A note of caution should be raised when drawing lessons from particular studies, with findings influenced by a range of contextual factors.

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Avis, W. (2021). Emission reductions and health impacts of LEVs. K4D Helpdesk Report No 1032. Institute of Development Studies. DOI: 10.19088/K4D.2022.033


15th July 2021


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