e-Procurement: Lessons from Interventions and Approaches from Emerging Economies of Eastern Europe and Western Balkans

14th October 2019
Author: Alexis Ferrand

This review focuses on lessons and examples of eProcurement in the western Balkans and former soviet states in Eastern Europe. There is good evidence in terms of the benefits of successful implementation, however the literature is much weaker on cases where initiatives and investments were less successful or failed. While efforts to strengthen government procurement in the region have been ongoing for the last couple of decades, it is in more recent years that significant progress has been made in some countries in terms of improving public procurement, with eProcurement being the main technical introduction combined with broader shifts of incentives to implement public procurement reform.

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Suggested Citation

Ferrand, A. (2019). eProcurement: lessons from interventions and approaches from Emerging Economies of Eastern Europe and Western Balkans. K4D Helpdesk Report. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies.


14th October 2019


Continent: Europe

Country: Albania, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine