Changes in Economic Activity During and After Conflict

22nd March 2017
Author: Anna Strachan

Conflict changes economic activity in a number of ways. This report looks at whether these changes in economic activity become entrenched after conflict has ended. The available evidence found within the scope of this report suggests that the extent to which changes in economic activity become entrenched after conflict depends on how developed a country was prior to conflict breaking out. Thus, the more developed a country was pre-conflict, the more quickly it is likely to recover economically after conflict. There is a relatively small body of English language literature on whether changes in economic activity during conflict become entrenched post conflict. The available literature consists of reports by international organisations, academic journal articles, and working papers. In terms of methodology used in the literature, there is a relatively even number of quantitative and qualitative studies. The literature considered in this review was largely gender-blind.

Suggested Citation

Strachan, A.L. (2017). Changes in economic activity during and after conflict. K4D Helpdesk Report. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies.


22nd March 2017


Continent: Global