The Impact of Public Finance Management (PFM) Reforms on Education in Tanzania

17th January 2020
Author: Evert-jan Quak

This rapid review synthesises the literature from academic, policy, and knowledge institution sources on how Public Finance Management (PFM) needs and reforms have affected the education sector in Tanzania, in particular for primary education. The review uses the framework of Piatti-Fünfkirchen and Schneider (2018) to explain the evidence, as it analyses service delivery along efficiency, equity, quality and accountability. By doing this, the review concludes that the way the government manages resources within the education system generally has had a limited, but positive impact on education service delivery outcomes, mainly due to the priority status of the education sector by the government. However, the mechanisms through which PFM affects service delivery remain underexplored in general and in particular for Tanzania.

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Suggested Citation

Quak, E. (2020). The impact of Public Finance Management (PFM) reforms on education in Tanzania. K4D Helpdesk Report No 711. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies.


17th January 2020


Continent: Africa

Country: Tanzania