Risking sexual exploitation and abuse to get food

19th August 2022
Author: Brigitte Rohwerder

The climate emergency is contributing to an unprecedented 828 million hungry people across the world, along with COVID-19, conflict and rising costs. As a result, many are reliant on urgent humanitarian food assistance to try and alleviate their hunger.

Women and girls are deeply affected, with nearly 32 percent moderately or severely food insecure in 2021, compared to less than 28 percent of men.  Food insecurity has been found to be linked to gender-based violence. Sexual exploitation and abuse are used by those in a position of power in the aid sector, typically against those involved in a intervention programme, or a vulnerable member of the community.

A recent report from the Knowledge Evidence and Learning for Development (K4D) Programme explores the evidence on sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment in the food security sector.

Read the full blog on the Institute of Development Studies’ website to find out what we found.


19th August 2022


Continent: Africa