Resources on the Just Energy Transition in South Africa 

12th April 2022
Author: Roz Price

This rapid review highlights and explores the literature on the just energy transition in South Africa. In simple terms, a just energy transition can be defined as where the process of shifting energy systems is made as fair and just as possible (Project 90 by 2030, 2019). However, the term is not rigidly defined and can mean different things to different people and elicits a wide range of responses depending on the contexts within which it is utilised and the interests of the groups involved. This is a vast and complex topic, with a large and growing literature base and considerable interest by donors, government, civil society organisations (CSOs) and industry in South Africa. Hence, this rapid review only provides a snapshot of the literature identified.

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Suggested Citation

Price, R.A. (2022). Resources on the just energy transition in South Africa. K4D Helpdesk Report 1134. Institute of Development Studies. DOI: 10.19088/K4D.2022.098


12th April 2022


Continent: Africa

Country: South Africa