Privatisation of State Owned Enterprises in Ethiopia since 1991

26th July 2018
Author: Zenobia Ismail

This report is a review of the literature on interventions and business models which can help independent media organisations to become financially sustainable. The literature on business models for media organisations is limited and Cook (2016) notes that it is a neglected area in academic scholarship on the media. The sparse grey literature and blogs on business models for independent media focuses on developed countries, although some examples from low and middle income countries are mentioned. The evidence is mainly based on case studies or qualitative research with independent media organisations. This literature review concentrates on interventions and business models which enhance the financial sustainability of independent media organisations in developing countries. However, some reference is made to funding trends in developed countries since media outlets across the world are affected by digitisation and social media.

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Ismail, Z. (2018). Privatisation of SoEs in Ethiopia since the1991. K4D Helpdesk Report. Birmingham UK: University of Birmingham.


26th July 2018


Continent: Africa

Country: Ethiopia