Rapid Evidence Review

Migration in Latin America

30th April 2024
Author: William Avis

This K4DD Rapid Evidence Review provides an overview of migration in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), encompassing flows, causes, and associated issues.

Sections provide an overview of historic migration patterns and contemporary characteristics, highlighting significant trends such as extensive mixed migration and the impact of crises, notably in Venezuela and Haiti. The historical trajectories of migration in the region include waves of immigration from Europe to intra-regional movements and south-north migration flows.

The review draws attention to the multifaceted nature of migration drivers and the dynamic, intersecting nature of migration flows in the region, emphasizing LAC’s status as a key hub of international migration.

Suggested Citation

Avis, W. (2024). Migration in Latin America. K4DD Rapid Evidence Review 46. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies. DOI 10.19088/K4DD.2024.007


30th April 2024


Continent: South America

Country: Haiti, Venezuela