Rapid Evidence Review

Lessons from the Refugee Response in Eastern Chad Since 2003

30th April 2024
Author: Luke Kelly

This K4DD Rapid Evidence Review finds that there has been little progress on increasing refugee self-reliance in east Chad, but there is evidence on the barriers to and likely drivers of greater self-reliance.

Lessons from protection efforts focus on the need to adequately address the range of protection threats and the structural drivers of insecurity, and agreement between Chadian and outside security actors. The review focuses on refugees from Sudan in Eastern Chad since 2003, and excludes internally displaced persons, or refugees in other parts of Chad.

The review finds that the key factors behind this include the weak economic situation and lack of infrastructure and services in the region. While the government has largely integrated refugees into national systems, the lack of available services reduces the efficacy of the reform. The decline of humanitarian funding combined with a lack of funding for development actors means that integration efforts have not been supported or coordinated sufficiently.

Suggested Citation

Kelly, L. (2024). Lessons from the Refugee Response in Eastern Chad since 2003. K4DD Rapid Evidence Review 17. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies. https://doi.org/10.19088/K4DD.2024.009


30th April 2024


Continent: Africa

Country: Chad