K4D’s Work Around Climate Change and Related Issues (2016-2021)

26th October 2021
Author: Roz Price

This report provides an illustrative overview of K4D’s work from October 2016 until May 2021 connected to climate change. Given the breadth of K4D reports that touch on climate change (or related issues), this report has taken a sub-section of reports to focus on, with a total of 75 reports explored and 2 LJs touched on in more detail. It is hence not an in-depth nor exhaustive analysis of climate change per se, nor the many different climate-related issues explored by K4D over the past four years. The content is purely illustrative, based on a rapid review of this sub-section. Insights are also taken from the data that K4D collects for each request based on the information provided by advisers and FCDO. Hence, the data is limited to the information available to the K4D team at the time of the request and the level of details available may vary from one request to the other. The purpose of this report is to inform FCDO about some of the specifics of their requests on climate-related issues, in general. This report will be used as input for a K4D-FCDO learning event on climate change issues. It also makes up part of a series of K4D reports, with the other reports synthesising K4D work on Covid-19 (Quak, 2021) and conflict, violence, and peace (Herbert, 2021b).

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Price, R.A. (2021). K4D’s work around climate change and related issues (2016-2021). K4D Helpdesk Report 1019. Institute of Development Studies, DOI: 10.19088/K4D.2022.006


26th October 2021


Continent: Global