Interventions to combat modern slavery

15th December 2017
Author: Idris Iffat

This report details findings from evaluations of a range of interventions to combat modern slavery. While there are three broad areas of efforts to tackle modern slavery – prevention, protection and prosecution – the main focus to date has been on prevention and, to a lesser extent, protection; prosecution has received far less attention. The literature indicates that interventions have generally proven to have limited effectiveness. Various evaluations highlight the need for information campaigns to target specific groups and advocate action rather than simply raising awareness. They also call for protection measures to be targeted, and linked to interventions in health, education, social protection and livelihoods. A number of evaluations suggest that legislation banning trafficking, child labour, etc. can be counterproductive: more stress should be put on improving labour and working conditions.

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Suggested Citation

Idris, I. (2017). Interventions to combat modern slavery. K4D Helpdesk Report. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies.


15th December 2017


Continent: Global