Governance and Development in Iraq

21st May 2018
Author: Dylan O'Driscoll

This rapid review synthesises data from academic, policy and NGO sources on how issues surrounding governance in Iraq can hinder development and contribute to conflict. It is important to note – as this report is related to governance – that this report has been written during the time of negotiations for government formation following the May 2018 national elections. Thus, some elements of governance may change, however, the basic issues in relation to governance and, development and conflict, remain obstacles for the next government to overcome. Although many of Iraqi governorates have ethnosectarian majorities – mainly: Kurds, Sunni Arab, Shiite Arab – issues in relation to governance, development and conflict remain fairly consistent across the country and thus this report largely refers to country-wide issues.

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Suggested Citation

O’Driscoll, D. (2018) Governance and Development in Iraq, K4D Helpdesk, Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies


21st May 2018


Continent: Asia

Country: Iraq