Evaluation Learning Review for DFID Nigeria

2nd April 2019
Author: Laura Bolton

Eight evaluation and one research report were provided by DFID for this review. The Girls Education Project (GEP III) consists of multiple interventions aiming to provide meaningful and relevant quality basic education for integrated Qur’anic education. Outputs include increasing capacity of teachers, improved governance and improving access and demand. Evaluations on the capacity of teachers to improve learning outcomes did not produce improved learning outcomes. The evaluation of the GEP III found limited impact on the knowledge of trained teachers, curriculum knowledge deteriorated and there was some improvement in teacher’s ability to interpret English was found. It suggests that the use of reading resources could improve teacher’s comprehension skills and using a phonics approach could improve their English. The limited effectiveness of the training is suggested to be related to low initial subject knowledge and pedagogical knowledge, language barriers and the changing class environment. The evaluation concludes that the intervention is highly unlikely to have improved gender sensitive class practice.

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Suggested Citation

Bolton. L. (2019). Evaluation learning review for DFID Nigeria. K4D Helpdesk Report. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies


2nd April 2019


Continent: Africa

Country: Nigeria