Delivering school health programmes

21st April 2017
Author: Kerina Tull

This report is a general overview of lessons learned about delivery mechanisms from school health programmes. Results are ordered by type of educational institution (primary, secondary, tertiary i.e. representing different age groups and needs), where available. Evidence on school health programmes is stronger for developed/higher income countries than low and middle income/developing countries. Limited information for tertiary school health programmes was available. The findings are ‘gender-blind’, but are separated by gender, where available. From the review of local, national and international school health programmes undertaken for this report, it is clear there is not a “one recommendation fits all” regarding delivery.

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Suggested Citation

Tull, K. (2017) Delivering School Health Programmes, K4D Helpdesk Report 90, Brighton: IDS


21st April 2017


Continent: Global