Cross-border Conflict Drivers and Breaks – Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq

27th February 2017
Author: Shivit Bakrania

This report provides an overview of the evidence on cross-border conflict drivers and breaks along the Pakistan–Afghanistan–Iran–Iraq route. Direct evidence on the nature of conflict-related flows along this route in its entirety is limited. Therefore, this report includes evidence on crossborder conflict dynamics between neighbouring countries along the route. This report was commissioned as an evidence mapping exercise, rather than aiming to carry out a full analysis of conflict dynamics across the four countries.

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Suggested Citation

Bakrania, S. (2017). Cross border drivers of conflict: Pakistan-Afghanistan-Iran-Iraq. K4D Helpdesk Report. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies.


27th February 2017


Continent: Asia

Country: Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan