COVID-19 Health Evidence Summary No.7

31st March 2020
Author: Kerry Millington

This daily COVID-19 Health Evidence Summary is to signpost DFID and other UK government departments to the latest relevant evidence and discourse on COVID-19 to inform and support their response. It is a result of 2-2.5 hours of work and is not intended to be a comprehensive summary of evidence. This summary covers ten publications on Sierra Leone lifting a ban on pregnant girls going to school but the shutdown is expected, a model-based analysis to estimate the severity of coronavirus disease 2019, the likelihood of survival of coronavirus disease 2019, an action plan to engage the private sector in the response to COVID 19, the structural basis of receptor recognition by SARS-CoV-2, developing COVID-19 vaccines at pandemic speed, Johnson & Johnson’s announcement on a lead vaccine candidate for COVID-19, global humanitarian response plan COVID-19, lessons from HIV for an effective, community-led response, and ten recommendations from the International Disability Alliance toward a disability-inclusive COVID19 response. This summary also covers global evidence in tracking COVID-19 cases, online courses, and resource hubs that can be accessed by the public.

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Suggested Citation

Millington, K.A. (2020). COVID-19 Health Evidence Summary No.7. K4D Evidence Summary. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies.


31st March 2020


Continent: Africa, Global

Country: Sierra Leone, United Kingdom