COVID-19 Health Evidence Summary No.14

9th April 2020
Author: Kerry Millington

This daily COVID-19 Health Evidence Summary is to signpost DFID and other UK government departments to the latest relevant evidence and discourse on COVID-19 to inform and support their response. This summary is a result of 3 hours of work and is not intended to be a comprehensive summary of evidence. This summary covers six publications on an ‘Economic Rescue Plan For All’ to tackle the coronavirus crisis and rebuild a more equal world,approaches to COVID-19 care in low-resource settings, a modelling impact assessment on the first-wave COVID-19 transmissibility and severity in China outside Hubei after control measures, the second wave of COVID-19, Tuberculosis and HIV responses threatened by COVID-19, and reconciling COVID-19 death data in the UK. This summary also covers global evidence on tracking COVID-19 cases, online course by LSHTM, and COVID-19 resource hubs that are accessible by the public.

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Suggested Citation

Millington, K.A. (2020). COVID-19 Health Evidence Summary No.14. K4D Evidence Summary. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies.


9th April 2020


Continent: Africa, Global

Country: China, United Kingdom