Cash Transfers and Cash Plus Interventions in Yemen since 2015: An Annotated Bibliography

24th April 2020
Author: Jenny Birchall

This report presents an annotated bibliography of cash transfers and cash plus interventions that have been instituted in Yemen’s humanitarian and development sectors since 2015. Before the outbreak of conflict in Yemen in 2015, the Social Welfare Fund (SWF) was the country’s flagship social protection programme. Presently, the SWF and the Social Fund for Development (SFD) are the social protection programmes in operation. This annotated bibliography highlights a selection of resources focusing on cash and voucher transfers, or cash plus interventions, in Yemen. Resources are grouped into the following categories: studies using evidence from 2015 onwards and studies using evidence collected before 2015. The search for resources identified some possible evidence gaps around cash transfers in Yemen since 2015. It is relatively straightforward to find information on some of the programmes that are in place (for example the World Food Programme, 2020). Also, while studies were conducted prior to 2015 on the perceptions and experiences of cash transfer beneficiaries in Yemen, there appears to be limited published evidence on this since 2015.

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Birchall, J. (2020). Cash transfers and cash plus interventions in Yemen since 2015: An annotated bibliography. K4D Helpdesk Report 792. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies.


24th April 2020


Continent: Asia

Country: Yemen