Carbon Abatement Potential of Reforestation

20th November 2018
Author: Dylan O'Driscoll

This rapid review synthesises the literature from academic, policy and NGO sources on the carbon abatement potential of reforestation. The literature points to the significant potential to reduce carbon through reforestation, specifically if it is paired with good forest management and the reduction of deforestation. It is argued that these natural methods of carbon abatement, paired with lifestyle changes and advances in technology and farming could meet the requirements under the Paris Agreement. This review begins with the discussion of the potential of reforestation, followed by the cost analysis and reforestation practices. Samples of two countries are discussed in the case studies section, i.e.: Indonesia and Pakistan.

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O’Driscoll, D. (2018). Carbon Abatement Potential of Reforestation. K4D Helpdesk, Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies


20th November 2018


Continent: Global

Country: Indonesia, Pakistan