Can PDIA be Used at a Strategic Level in Multi-Donor Trust Funds and Across Various Phases of Downstream Projects? 

30th June 2022
Author: Robin Richards

This rapid review investigated whether PDIA can be used successfully in Multi-Donor Trust Funds (MDTF) at a strategic level and also across various phases of downstream projects (Verheijen, 2017 and World Bank 2018). The review also identified best practices across the whole programme iteration cycle. The review found that PDIA can be successfully used in MDTF’s and across the various phases of downstream projects. There were few examples illustrating the use the PDIA approach in Multi-Donor Trust Fund interventions. The body of published research on the use of PDIA was relatively small. However, there was more literature on the use of PDIA in large scale interventions generally at system-wide level and lower down, at project level. Literature was mainly from grey sources, including case studies published by organisations; reports from multi-donor projects; university projects; online blogs; and annual reports from development and funding organisations. Sources for the review were quite recent, between the periods 2010-2021.

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Richards, R. (2022). Can PDIA be used at a strategic level in multi-donor trust funds and across various phases of downstream projects? K4D Helpdesk Report 1167. UK. DOI: 10.19088/K4D.2022.112


30th June 2022


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