Behaviour change approaches for social norms regarding gender

4th January 2017
Author: Catherine Grant

This report aims to inform a project which will set up self-help groups for young men from deprived urban areas in developing countries. The project will deliver an open-source course or set of materials using the most appropriate format for community level mobilisers to equip themselves to facilitate a series of ‘courageous conversations’ amongst young men to spur critical thinking about gender roles and social norms. It aims to equip them to lead their own groups looking at harmful masculinities and the impact this has on their behaviour. A literature search was conducted looking for examples of community level support programmes which effectively used dissemination methods to enable these programmes to be self-managed and self-led. The subject area was widened to include self-help groups with other purposes using a variety of methods. There are many different ways in which different groups equip people to lead their own development and learning with others, thus enabling peer support and development without requiring trained facilitators to be physically present. This report considers social norms to be ‘shared beliefs about what is typical and appropriate behaviour in a valued reference group.

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Grant, C. (2017). Behaviour change approaches for social norms regarding gender. K4D Helpdesk Report. Brighton, UK: Institute of Development Studies.


4th January 2017


Continent: Global